Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teacher's Gift


I am frantically making cards for others, and out the door they go, without a chance to snap a pic of them! I fell asleep with the girls tonight, but had to get up to prepare her goodbye gift for her teacher.

I got this template from Split Coast Stampers. It was really easy to make, and thought it was a gift for a teacher, who has to leave many a notes for others.

I put my husband to work, making him cut pencils for me, as I wanted something prettier than a golf pencil.
This project matches the card I made for her, that I posted last week. I have added a gift card for chapters in it. Hopefully she can get something to read while relaxing, now that the school year is over. 2 more days! Wow, Karlye did it. My baby has finished her first year of school.

Hopefully I get more posted this week.

Have a good Wednesday!

P.S Sorry for the first picture, the color is a bit off as my battery is dying on my camera.