Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm loving the New Manga's!

A wonderful sketch by Marlene over at The Sugar Bowl blogspot. They were asking us to use a Sugar Nellie stamp, Marlene's Sketch, and the colours Pink and Brown (a fave of mine). It was just the incentive I needed to use my new Manga stamps.

Last night we had to put our "parent's hat" on with our eldest daughter. It was really hard, she is almost 5 and we are having to teach her about boundaries, and proper ways to show her anger. One that does not include hitting or scratching her sister. We had to stick to our decision of bed without stories as a result, to try to teach her consequences of her actions. It was a really hard thing to do. Of course my husband sat with her until she stopped crying and fell asleep, reminding her that we still love her but that hitting is not ok.

After that we were both pretty emotionally drained, but getting to colour my Manga girl and going to bed early helped with that. Today has started off much better. Lot's of smiles to be had on all our behalf.

Have a great Sunday,