Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WOJ Challenge #50

Good evening,

I almost did not get this one posted. I fell asleep reading stories to my girls. We read "Goldie Locks Has the Chicken Pocks", a really great book as the images are "old school" and as Karlye would say "Nicely Coloured Mommy". She critiques the way people colour the story books. Too Funny!

For this one, I took all the things I did the past week in the various challenges. I distressed, I made my own flowers using a circle punch and bella baubles. I then paper pieced the bench Willow is sitting on. It was fun.

I took the WOJ Challenge #50 sketch and rotated it this time. What a great sketch Rachel. Thank you.

Tomorrow night is parent night in the pool, James and I will take turns joining Karlye and Jayme's swim classes. I don't know if I will get anything done, so a new post may just not happen until Friday or Saturday at best.

Take care,