Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweet Friend Award... Thanks Kim!

Here's the rules for this one. Accept the award from the Sweet Friend (s) that sent it to you, thank her in your post and pass it on to bloggers whose creativity knock your socks off. Then reveal 10 things about yourself.

First of all I want to thank Kim for this award, but most of all for being a really good friend. Hopefully one day we get to actually meet in person. Now my list of 10 people that have influenced my creativity (in no particular order)

1. Jenn
2. Sheena
3. Kim S
4. Riet
5. Michelle
6. Nancy
7. Judy
8. Beth
9. Risa
10. Gina

Thank you for all the inspiration ladies! I am not going to list 10 things about myself, I have a hard time doing this. But if you ever want to know something more about me, simply ask;