Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Pixie Cottage's Dangling Charm Tutorial

The tools you will need to make your dangling charm are a good pair of beading pliers, tweezers, jump rings, any form of clasp (mine being a lobster clasp), beads, charms and some form of necklace chain.

The first thing to do is attach your necklace chain to a larger jump ring, doing so with different lengths of chain. You can add a little or a lot, the choice is up to you. I chose 4 chain lengths.

Next you take your beads and thread them through your smaller jump rings, finishing them off by attaching them to the necklace chain and closing them with the beading pliers. I find it easier to hold the jump rings with my tweezers and then use the pliers in my other hand to squeeze the jump ring shut.

Continue adding beads and charms to your necklace chain. Once you are satisfied with the look, add the clasp onto the larger jump ring that the necklace chain was originally attached to.

I used a loopy brad on the card and then attached the dangling charm to it. This way if the person receiving the card wants to remove the charm they can do so. They look awfully pretty on cell phones!

Et Voila, you have your very own, handmade dangling charm that adds a nice dimension to your card. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ladies! Have a wonderful Saturday.