Monday, December 6, 2010

Karlye's RAK

Good Morning,

This was such a busy weekend! Karlye had a birthday party to attend, and so I went on-line and downloaded a free coloring page. We were allowed to print it out, and we were not selling these so it complies with their usage rules.

She colored the image, and if you look at my close up, she drew her own version of the mushrooms that chase these guys around! I just love her imagination, so much so that I had to do this little post. I put the rest of the card together with her, and she wanted to personalize it with his name. I added the mushroom charm to keep with the theme.

When it came to taking a photograph, I watched her set it up and turn on the lamp in the exact manner that I do. Boy do our children watch us!

Karlye is having a rough time lately, trying to understand and comply with all the new rules in grade 1. She is graduating from little girl, to girl. Which means she has so many people expecting so much from her. I can't wait for vacation time this year, I really need some family down time. We are all feeling it. Hopefully when I show her this post she will beam with pride.

Happy Monday ladies,