Friday, January 28, 2011

Creating Keepsakes Scavenger Hunt

Good Afternoon ladies,

I really must say that I am in shock.  2 years ago I subscribed to Creating Keepsakes Magazine. ( I am in no way affiliated with CK, simply an ecstatic subscriber!)   They are always showcasing new products, and are always putting forth fun challenges.  They currently have a Scavenger Hunt Contest going on, and you can win a prize pack worth $1200!

I sat down this month and participated, they ask you all these questions, and you go around to each site and find the answers.  I filled one out over my lunch hour and had a blast!  I also got to see so many things that are now on my "Want" list.  

I am writing this post to say THANK YOU to Creating Keepsakes.  I answered each question correctly, and was chosen as the lucky winner for January!  Now what I would like is for all of you to play, because then you all have a chance at winning!    HERE is the link.  They change the questions every day, and you can enter daily for more chances.  They will chose more winners every month, right up to March, 2011.

Thank you again CK, and all the sponsors who put such a fun Scavenger Hunt together.

Good Luck ladies,

Happy Friday,