Sunday, April 10, 2011

Karlye Cased My Card!

Karlye's Card

My Card

Last year I made this card for a TGF challenge.  My 6 year old daughter wanted to go through my cards the other day, and she found it.  She says to me "Mommy I could never make a card like yours."  and my reply was "Yes you can".  So we sat down, and I went through how I did it with her.  She did all her own coloring, and I really think her hair turned out better than mine did!  I did not have any of the paper left so she got out a lined piece of paper and drew the image behind the teacher.  She chose different glitter, used my glossy pens for the apple, but using the sewing machine was out of the question (for now).  She even used the Big Shot on her own, with a bit of coaching. I even had to get out the yellow fun flock because she noticed the fuzzy sweater vest on my card.

I am really proud of her.  My husband mentions that I have some tough competition, and I said "No doubt!"  I know Karlye will surpass me, and I am quite excited to see where her crafty passion takes her.  One day I will be casing her cards I bet!  Oh and she wanted to give her card to her teacher, so she even wrote her own message in it.  She is growing up too fast.

Enjoy your evening!