Saturday, August 4, 2012

Birthday Invitations


It has been almost 3 months since I posted.  I have been thoroughly enjoying life with my girls, and catching up on my reading and my Yoga practice.  I feel strong, energized, loved, and capable of giving again.  I recently crafted with my friend Sheena, and I have got that Crafter's Itch.

The above are my daughter's 6th Birthday invitations.  My two daughters and I colored Popcorn The Bear, a stamp I recently purchased from Heather's Stamping Haven. We created these handmade invitations to send out my daughter's friends.  They are attached to a coloring page that has all the details of the party.  She is having it at Build-A-Bear.  She is UBER excited too.

Hopefully I will have more to show you, I think I am going to start small, doing some tags, as I have really enjoyed the simple act of coloring with my pencils again.  I have even re-arranged my craft room and cleaned it up somewhat.  I have placed items that were gifted to me from my Oma around the room,  she was one talented artist who worked with fabric and paint.  You can see her handmade doll in my chair.  ( I miss you Oma.  It was nice spending some time in your home this past week, while on vacation.  It still feels like you are there.  My girls enjoyed swimming in the pool, as I did when I was a child living with you.)

Have a super Saturday, and be sure to stay cool on this HOT HOT day.  I think we are off to the splash park this afternoon, after we drop off the invitations.