Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crafting Calm- by Maggie Oman Shannon


Wondering what I have been up to lately?

 I am currently reading Crafting Calm, (Viva Editions, May 2013) by Maggie Oman Shannon.

This book had me in the very beginning.  During the introduction the author talks about seeing gems out of things that others would perceive as junk.  She talks about her collections, and the things she makes.  I let out a laugh when she wrote "if you have read this far....you are one of our tribe".

Not only does she talk about her love of craft, but she talks about the spiritual connection that comes with immersing ourselves into our crafts (our art).  The author also includes various excerpts from others about their spiritual journey through their arts.   

The one chapter that stood out for me was the "Visual Journals" chapter.  I am a very visual person, and have wanted to start a Visual Journal, however being a perfectionist, I am stumped at where to start.  I have all the tools, I just have to jump in with both feet.  

Each chapter (each craft) closes with an "Inner Inquiries for Journaling and Refection", and "Guides for the Path"  The author leaves us with questions that have us contemplating how to bring our craft to that next level of self fulfillment.   As well as references to help us on our journey.

I strongly recommend this book, it would make an amazing addition to anyone's craft room.  It is a nice and easy to read, and each chapter left me enlightened.  I will keep you all posted on how my Visual Journal is coming along.

Happy Tuesday!