Sunday, May 24, 2015

In the House of Leviathan

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I have recently had the pleasure of reading B.D Bruns "In the House of Leviathan".  His book took me on a suspenseful yet gentle adventure from beginning to end.  An adventure that had me travelling to the small fishing village of Amalfi. It all starts in the paper mill. Hauntings, ghastly deaths, and what is believed to be a summoning of the devil himself.  The main character Guiseppe, finds himself doing everything he can to save his family, while working through his own internal demons.  He is determined to save his younger sister,  despite his own handicap.

 The very first page had me wanting to know more. I could not put the book down; all the while muttering "Just one more page", and staying up way too late.

B.D Bruns is not just a writer, he travels and uses real structures, surroundings, as well as cultural and religious influences to create his books. He is quite the adventurer, travelling to over 50 countries to collect material for his books. Winning 19 national and international book awards;  3 national Book of the Year awards!

I would like to suggest taking a look at his Pinterest page HERE.  He has many visual images of Amalfi, and the mill, along with other bits of information that pertain to this novel. 

B.D Bruns Image used to inspire the storm that hits Amalfi in his novel.

This is photo of the drying press; used by Carmelina and Giuseppe Apuzzo

This book is available for purchase at (in Kobo ebook format)

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