Thursday, July 23, 2015

Now You See Me: From Endangered to Extinction by Diane Brischke

Diane Brischke has over 35 years of educational experiences.  She works to teach people of all ages the value of all animals.  She also works at educating us on the ever so quick depletion in the numbers of too many endangered species.  Taking into account man-made causes such as loss of habitat, climate change and the increase in pollution.

This book takes a look  a look at a variety of endangered animals, and describes the causes of the current path of extinction they are facing.  With knowledge, there is power. If we can educate people on how to make changes, we can work towards preserving these endangered animals.

The pictures in this book are stunning, and the reading matter is down to earth, and gets right to the point.  My whole family is better educated as a result of reading this book. It is never too young, or too old to start making changes. 

This book can be found in many bookstores.  I hope you decide to pick up a copy and sit down with your family to read it together.  It leads to understanding of how we can make a difference.  We can help the animals face the future rather than face extinction.

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