Saturday, September 19, 2015

Inspiring Positive Thought in Youth Through Beauty of Art

Belfafla's new book "For You", aims to inspire positive thoughts through art and quotes.  
The pictures of the wonderful "out of the box" works of art, and the quotes touched both myself and my young girls.  
I am trying to get them to take chances, to risk making mistakes, to create works of art without worrying about the outcome. This book is a tool I am using to help them along their journey.  We look at the art, talk about what feelings they evoke.  We then read one of the quotes, and discuss how they apply to our lives.

Amelia Beljafla is on a mission to help persons of all ages achieve and maintain healthy, positive outlooks on life.  She has provided us with powerful cross-cultural quotes which certainly lead us to that destination.

“My mother was instrumental in encouraging me and instilling positivity in me from a very early age,” Beljafla said. “I want to pay that forward to people all around the world, especially young people stuck in tough situations.”
I want to be a mother like, I want to instill a positive and encouraging way of being to both my daughters. 

“Sometimes we all just need a little reminder of the beauty that exists in the world,” Beljafla said. “My hope is that these images and quotes that have helped change my life can do the same for others.”

Thank you for sharing this book with me Belfafla, and for being a part of my life that helps to remind me of the beauty that exists in our world today.  You have inspired my family.  My wish is that your book inspires others as well.

To read more about Amelia Beljafla, please click the link HERE.

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Happy Reading!