Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday Trigger

Moxie Fab World wants to know what triggers us to create. Kim stitched her card, and the way she did it, along with the squares, reminded me of a quilt. I am looking for one at the moment for my daughter Karlye. I surf the web occasionally to see what is out there, and the above quilt is one that would perfect for her. Her favorite colours are red and pink. So although this does not have the same colour scheme, Kim's trigger indirectly led me to create the above.

I had paper in my stash that reminded me of the colours and the flowers of the quilt, so I grabbed her wooden monogram K , and the mod podge. I then started adding embellishments to it. I used my "monogram K" stamp set from CTMH to apply the words, and last, but not least, I put a WOJ summer Willow on it as she so reminds me of Karlye.

I hope she likes it, it will be going up on her wall tomorrow. Isn't it amazing where we can find triggers, or rather inspiration.

Have a good night,


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