Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stampotique Worn Out Tattered SWAP

Here are my 2 Artist Trading Card  (ATC's) creations, for this months Stampotique Worn Out Tattered SWAP

I loved making these.  I had fun taking my time trying out different coloring techniques, using my Touch markers.  I wish I made doubles this month, I would have loved to keep them for me.  When I feel this way, I have no problems sending them out in the mail, because the persons receiving them are getting the very best of my Kraftiness.  I am also learning to let go of some of my pretty things. You can only keep the happiness Krafting gives you, by giving that happiness away to others.

What kinds of things do you like to create?  Do you keep your favorite's for yourself?
Do tell!

Happy Krafting, 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Playing Card art exchange

Hi Peeps,

One of the Art Exchanges I participated in was all about taking a playing card and using it to create something with a "Fairy Tale" theme.  I tried to find my card decks, but of course could not find them.  So I "borrowed/took"  a Spot it game card from one of my daughters and created the above.

Can you guess which Fairy Tales I used as my MOJO?

Yup, Anna from Frozen, and Little Red Riding Hood.

What is on your Krafting table this weekend?  Do tell.

Happy Krafting,

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rainy Day Shrink Plastic Fun and Tag Exchange


In the midst of creating some primary color tags for one of my Art Exchanges, I decided to make Shrink Plasctic charms to match.  

My girls decided to join in the fun, however they drew their own images.  My 3 are the stamped Stamping Bella images, their's are the pony with hat and FNAF rabbit.
They shrunk considerably, but the details remained.  I am going to have to do this again.

This month's Art Exchange project was to use primary colors to create tags.  I collect (hoard) tags of all kinds, so I grabbed 4 and added Red Yellow and Blue ink and doodled in the same colors.

I did not want to cover up the tags, so I stamped my dog image on Acetate, coloring them in with Sharpie and Sakura RYB pens.  
My husband's old fancy beer tags came with ribbon, so I dyed those too.  I had SO much fun making these, that I exceeded the mandatory 2 tags and continued on.  I will most certainly find someone to ship them to.

What is on your craft table today ladies and gentlemen?
Happy Krafting,

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Inspiring Positive Thought in Youth Through Beauty of Art

Belfafla's new book "For You", aims to inspire positive thoughts through art and quotes.  
The pictures of the wonderful "out of the box" works of art, and the quotes touched both myself and my young girls.  
I am trying to get them to take chances, to risk making mistakes, to create works of art without worrying about the outcome. This book is a tool I am using to help them along their journey.  We look at the art, talk about what feelings they evoke.  We then read one of the quotes, and discuss how they apply to our lives.

Amelia Beljafla is on a mission to help persons of all ages achieve and maintain healthy, positive outlooks on life.  She has provided us with powerful cross-cultural quotes which certainly lead us to that destination.

“My mother was instrumental in encouraging me and instilling positivity in me from a very early age,” Beljafla said. “I want to pay that forward to people all around the world, especially young people stuck in tough situations.”
I want to be a mother like, I want to instill a positive and encouraging way of being to both my daughters. 

“Sometimes we all just need a little reminder of the beauty that exists in the world,” Beljafla said. “My hope is that these images and quotes that have helped change my life can do the same for others.”

Thank you for sharing this book with me Belfafla, and for being a part of my life that helps to remind me of the beauty that exists in our world today.  You have inspired my family.  My wish is that your book inspires others as well.

To read more about Amelia Beljafla, please click the link HERE.

"For You" is available at and

Happy Reading!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

ICAD and Journaling


Just getting around to posting more of my Krafty Adventures.  The first one is another Index card made for the ICAD2015 challenge.  I used scraps, maps, bling and plastic from my yoga mat tag (upper right corner).  My girls certainly are my Sunshines!  

The second was is a page out of my art journal.  Journal 52 prompted us to use the Elements.  So I took out my Sweet Pea Stamps, and colored them accordingly. Not a perfect page, but I had fun coloring, and that is the point to my journal.  It does not HAVE to be PERFECT.

Happy Krafting,

Monday, September 14, 2015

Card Creations


I made these two cards for a card swap.  However, I did not use the company stamps that were required.  I really loved how they turned out, and I am waiting to see who they will eventually be sent to.  

I tend to put cards aside, and when the card suits the recipient, I send them out.  Do you do the same thing?

Happy Krafting,