Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 4: Journal 52 Silhouette(s) prompt

I am really enjoying my Art Journal this year.  I get to use ALL my supplies, and I can be messy.

What is on your desk?

Happy Krafting,

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Daily Zen Doodles by Meera Lee Patel


How are you finding 2015?  I was well rested, until I had to go back to work. I realized that I needed something throughout my day to help me tune in, and tune out in order to be able to connect with my inner self.

Meera Lee Patel has created this amazing book that allows you to do just that!  Even my girls enjoy using the book.  Meera gives you an inspirational quote on the bottom of the page, she then provides you with the image, or the "strings".

Displaying pg 183.jpg
Displaying pg 182.jpg

I read the quote, then pick up my pen, and I start to fill the image in with whatever Tangle pattern inspires me.  It really makes me feel refreshed, it is the perfect thing for me to do during my 15 minute break.  Stepping away from the computer, and putting in on paper.  Such a simple task, but the rewards are wonderful.

Ulysesses Press, courtesy of Meera Lee Patel have provided me with a couple of examples that you will see in her book.

I would love it if you would join me, then post your creation on your blog, and send me the link.  I would greatly appreciate hearing how you felt during your Tangled break.

Once again, a perfect gift for a friend.  It is unique, and the quotations are wonderful.  Very inspiring, and uplifting.  Something I can use a daily dose of.

Talk with you all soon,