Friday, March 26, 2010

An Oldie but Goodie

Hi Ladies,

I have been working on a couple of things, but they are taking a bit of time to complete. I should have a new post for you this weekend. I was working hard last night, when I was hit with a migraine. Off to bed I went, another project left undone. I am currently on my lunch hour, so I thought I would browse through my earlier creations and post one of my favorite cards. (Good thing the recipient was my sister and she keeps everything, as I have a hard time giving away things I love.)

I had last week off with my children during March Break, and it was just so much fun. My youngest had her endoscopy during that time and was a trooper about it. The worst part for her was taking the tape off to remove the IV. When she has emotions, she does so very LOUDLY! I returned to work this past Monday, only to find a rash on her little body. Having to take another 1/2 day off, we trudged to the Doctors, only to find out that our local hot tub they go into after swimming has been giving young children a very contagious skin rash similar to the Chicken Pox. Good thing is I caught it early, and I have seen a difference after putting the ointment on them.

So that is a brief breakdown of my life for you. Tonight I have a date with my girls after work. We are going to bake chocolate chip banana bread!

Talk with you all very soon,