Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sketches in Thyme Challenge #10

Hi ladies,

This officially marks my first Sketches in Thyme challenge as Maven Tanya.  This weeks Sketches in Thyme Challenge #10 is all about playing around with this  fabulous sketch by Helen Croft. Be sure to drop in and say hello, she has many sketches on her wonderful blog.

I so enjoyed making this layout.  It was so much fun reliving the morning Jayme spent running after her Daddy in a princess dress with a foam sword.  She eventually got him to his knees, and she was declared the winner, thus her smug smile.

The story reads; "Once upon a time there lived a brave princess named Jayme.  She slayed the Daddy troll and released the colors of the rainbow."  The picture on the left is pre-slaying thus it is black and white.  The Daddy troll had stolen all the colors of the rainbow, and when Jayme slayed the Daddy troll, all the colors were released, and as you can see in the picture on the right, she is pretty proud of herself.  My Bravestar for sure.

I adjusted the flowers on the left using baubles instead, I could not find a way to use the stems without making it looked cluttered, so I left them out.  I used a felt rainbow  to represent the flower on the right, and an old fashioned dynamo label maker to write up the story.  My take on the scallop border was to cut out circles in matching colors and put them under a strip of paper.  Hope you are inspired today.

Happy Krafting,


P.S.  By participating you are eligible for the monthly prize posted on the Sketches in Thyme Blog.