Monday, March 7, 2011

Can you spare a card for a child?

Hi Ladies,

I know I have tons of cards laying around, and I am going to be sending one to Haeli, in hopes that it makes her smile. I think I will add some stickers and an activity book too.

Haeli, is in 6th grade and is dealing with a very serious disease, something that is even hard for an adult to deal with... cancer.  She has a rare form of ovarian cancer.  She is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

So we are all asking if you would be willing to post a little something on your blog asking for cards for her? I am sure she would be thrilled to receive a lot cards, and perhaps little items like stickers or pencil crayons etc. from all over the world.  Whatever little bit of sunshine you could send her way would be so appreciated.
The mailing address is  :

c/o Melissa French
1425 23rd St. NE
Canton, Ohio 44714

Thanks ladies,