Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CREATIV Magazine One of the BEST magazines on the market


My name is Tanya and I am a magazine addict!  

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing 2 CREATIV magazines. 
The covers are so INTENSE, that I sat and stared at them for a couple of minutes.  The rest of the pages were just as stunning and intense.  There was no way I was able to  flip through the pages, I had to stop and savor each one.

CREATIV magazine offers you the chance to flip through the May Issue online.  I hope you get the time to do just that.  

What I love about this magazine, is that it is full of inspiring Artists from around the world.  Not just visual artists, but physical, educational, cultural and innovational artists.  People who live their lives with passion, doing what they love.  

Additionally, they make sure to include the Artist's personal website/blog information within the write up.  Providing the reader with the ability to network and reach out and connect with the Artists themselves.  It also allows for the Artist to get his/her name across the world.

Currently they have bi-monthly magazine subscriptions at a cost of $5.00 USD with the option to auto-renew.

I would love to hear what you think of CREATIV magazine.  I for one, am planning on taking some of the pages and framing them, and placing them in my craft room. 

I am also going to visit each of the Artist's websites, to learn more about them.

Keep Reading,