Monday, July 27, 2015

2 miniature fairy gardening book that inspired my family

 Please keep in mind that we are "Fairy Gardening" novices.  
Have you noticed that Fairy gardens are becoming very popular?  They are also something my Oma used to draw for me when I was a little girl, she sure was able to make my childhood magical.

This year, my young daughters and I have been trying to create our very own Fairy Garden in our back yard.  We are attempting to make our garden magical and enchanting.
 Gardeners Julie Bawden-Davis and Beverly Turner have created this magical step-by-step instruction book for creating magical gardens.  
We looked through the book, and were immediately transported into the land of Fairies.

Keeping in mind that we are novices, this is what we were able to create.

The girls took their time making scenes.  
We have: 
Dad and Daughter taking a fun ride on a goat. (Note the dinosaur photobomb!)
A fairy playing with her ponies outside her house. 
Sully leading the pack of My Little Ponies around the fairy garden.
A dinosaur watching the young ponies compete in a race.
The unicorn family is keeping our carrots safe, and helping them grow with their magic.

 We are now working with Fairy Gardening 101.  We have taken out the popsicle sticks, and are in the midst of collecting all sorts of items that we can reuse in our garden.
Our current collection contains
Bottle caps.
Twigs and sticks for building ladders.

This part of our garden is taking a bit of time.  But we are forever looking for things to add. I will most certainly post pictures of them as we continue.

I have to mention that I am a novice gardener, and both these books are teaching me so much about what plants I will be adding to my garden next year.  Living in Canada, we are limited to planting and growing, as the frigid winters cover up everything.  I will have to start making Mini Indoor Gardens, and both these books will certainly help with this!

The above books are available for purchase at 

Should you have any questions of comments, be sure to reach out.
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