Thursday, July 1, 2010

Practical Scrappers Decorative Edged Scissors/Border Punch Challenge

Good Morning,

This weeks Practical Scrappers Challenge is to take out your decorative scissors and/or your border punches and to create! I have had these decorative scissors for ages, and I have never really used them. Partially because I can not cut straight with them. Well I am going to share with you my "Aha" moment. I scored the paper first and simply placed the edge of the scissor on the scored line, this allowed me to cut straight!

I also love the fact that by turning the scissors around, I could get a positive and a negative pattern. You can see the negative pattern around the edge of the blue design paper, and along the burgundy strip I used instead of ribbon. The positive pattern is the scalloped edge along the base of burgundy rectangle. One pair of scissors, two very different patterns.

This was another fun challenge for me, I am actually looking to see what other scissors I can use to make fantastic patterns with.

I can't wait to see what you create this week ladies. Happy Krafting!